our village (51)

I think it was a dream, maybe, but you be the judge. I mean, it’s got to be a dream, logically speaking, a dream, a nightmare, a hallucination, an out-of-body experience, I don’t know, I just mean, it’s not real according to the normal expected experience of real … but what if we’re missing parts of the real, and they’re really real, we just don’t normally experience them? I mean, how many people hear the voice of God?

Am I crazy? Am I now officially the crazy lady of our village?

It doesn’t matter. What you can’t understand unless you’re at least a little bit crazy is that crazy is not crazy to the crazy person, and what I’m saying is that they’re not necessarily wrong – the so-called crazies, I mean – and maybe it’s the rest of us that are missing something, and it’s something we call crazy because we don’t understand it … or in this case, you don’t understand it – or do you? – because I, for one, think I now hear things I couldn’t hear before, see things I couldn’t see before. And they’re there.

This, for example, this vision I had, it’s such a part of a whole fantastic scene that I don’t know what to call it. A vision, I guess. That works.

I was telling you, I woke up after praying out on the lake. I woke up as a witness, and I saw Lilly-Anne there, at the shore. And out of the blue night sky a quick storm passed, that one crazy crack of lightning, and I looked up and saw Jerry Randy there, too, not, like, with Lilly-Anne, just there, kinda watching, I guess, like me. And when we see each other he bolts off, and I have this like out-of-body experience or vision where I’m following Jerry Randy, like floating along in easy silent pursuit as he is hoofing it through the pines, up the hill, and he stops. And the storm has passed, and there’s moonlight shining on the ground in front of him, a beam of moonlight, looks like it’s shining on a ticket or something, it’s a magical scene, and I don’t know how I’m there, but it feels as natural as anything. And Jerry Randy bends down, like he’s going to pick up this magical ticket in the moonlight, and Lilly-Anne shows up, again, out of the blue, but natural as anything, and she says, and I can hear it loud and clear, and I know it’s my job to hear it and remember it, to tell it; she says, “You’re alright just as you are.”

You’re alright just as you are….


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