our village (31)

I watched her dream again. She was swimming. Now I don’t think Ms. Marquetta actually swims, but there she was in her dream, immersed in the water like a beautiful graceful little fish, swishing her tail, playful and graceful, like she felt like she was younger than she really ever remembered being. Is this what childlike grace had felt like? she almost asked herself in the dream, but she was busy swimming. Like never before, and yet like it was the most natural thing, she felt at home in the water, a little fish in a big lake….

And then, I swear to you, just like we were talking about the other day when I was telling you about not being frightened of the lake monster story—our lady of the lake, I mean—and instead imagining one of those schools of silver fish, something beautiful….

And just like that, in her dream she transforms from a single graceful fish to the whole school of fish, dreamlike, y’know? You know how you’re one thing one moment in a dream, and then you’re another, just like that, and you don’t even think it’s weird until you’re retelling your dream? But I’m watching, and there she goes, from a single fish to a school of fish, like she’d never been anything else but this beautiful bunch of synchronized fish, or…like she could go back to being a single fish in an instant, a flash. And she’s flashing through the water now, a great school of fish, silver fish, all light and motion as she flashes through the sunlight that filters through the water, flashing left and right, the evasive maneuvers you see in a documentary as the school…or…no, she’s just playing, just flashing for fun, like she is all of these single fish at once, greater than herself, all of these fish flying through the water together as a single school of fish acting larger than themselves so that she can play with something larger than each individual fish, and, yes, it’s weird but I saw it in her dream just like we were talking about it the other day, the thing she’s playing with, the larger creature…it’s the lady of the lake.

And there she goes again in her dream, she’s transformed again, as quick as a thought, from the school of fish to the lady of the lake, and she’s so graceful, she can feel it in her dream, she’s so magnificent, as smooth as the water itself until, boom, she becomes the water.

And Ms. Marquetta, no longer just Ms. Marquetta in her dream, she feels so peaceful, she is the fish, she is the water, she is the lady of the lake and she is the lake itself. She is, as is said, at one with everything, at peace with the universe.

When I watch her dream like that, it makes me think she believes my theory about the soul of the village.


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