our village (30)

I called my Gretta. I chickened out, though. I didn’t tell her about Lilly-Anne. But do you know why? Because she started talking science to me again, and I lost my nerve. Well first she offended me a little bit by asking if I was drinking enough water – she’s my daughter, not my doctor – but I think she could tell I was a little miffed so she told me it’s just that she’d been reading a lot about the human body lately, and she was just reminded that the human body is 60-70% water – 60-70%, can you imagine? – and then I think she could tell I didn’t believe her and so I think she got a little miffed, and the whole conversation was going sour. But, come on! The human body can’t be 60-70% water or we’d be in puddles on the floor, draining through the floorboards and down through the soil until we’d be pouring into the lake.

Or at least that’s what I thought at first. And then, do you know, just last night, I was telling this to Jerry Randy, and he said,

And you know what else? They say the surface of the Earth is 71% water. And you know what else, Ms. Marquetta? There’s theories that the Earth itself is a big organism, breathing and everything. I don’t know what to believe, but if we’re like 70% water, and the Earth is like 70% water, are we, like, little Earths, or is the Earth like a big human? I think this is real cool cuz it fits into my whole theory about the soul of our village…

And I stopped him right there cuz I’ve heard about the soul and I think it’s nonsense, and I wanted to talk about how this business about us all being water was nonsense, too, so I said it:

“If we’s all water, how come we’re not pouring into the lake?”

Exactly right, Ms. Marquetta. There’s something holding us together.

“Jerry Randy, are you workin’ on a poem here, or are you trying to make some sense?”

No, Ms. Marquetta, it makes sense, like Mr. Bellis said that Emerson said: like the over-soul, we pour into the lake, and we also drink in the lake, like one big single circulating thing, and the whole is part of us and we are part of the whole soul…

But I tell you I’d had enough confusion already to hear about the soul again, so I basically stopped listening. I mean, come on. We can’t be pools of walking water – we’ve got bones and muscles, a brain, a heart – and I don’t know about Jerry Randy saying the Earth is 70% water, what do I know? I’m stuck here in our little village so I haven’t seen enough of the world to know. And I don’t care: 70%, 7%, 99%, I don’t care. It makes no difference to me. I’m here, walking and talking, and I’m not water. Besides, if we were so much water, no one would ever drown.


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