our village (22)

Eventually I got pretty curious about her, and when I’d be out walking I’d be sure to look in on her. You know how it is … do you? Maybe you don’t, so … well, I just wanted to see what made her tick. She talks a lot, but there was something she wasn’t saying, and I don’t know if … well, I didn’t know if I wanted to know, but I’m not gonna say I wasn’t curious, cuz I was. She seems like she’s got issues, you know? But, like, she seems deep. Well, I know she just kind of babbles on, but if you listen … or, I guess I just thought there was something more to her. That’s all. I guess it was just a feeling.

So, I watched.

When she gets ready for bed she does a whole ritual of facial rubs, some of ‘em must be getting the gunk off her face cuz she kind of pulls at her skin with some little cloths or pads that she then holds between two fingers at a full-arm’s distance from her body before tossing them in the trash. But she also spreads new gunk on—I can’t keep track of which bottle is used for what, in what order, I don’t care, I’m just fascinated that she spends that much time in front of a mirror each night. I wonder if she gets tired of her face.

And she reads in bed. I can’t see much at that point, as her bedroom shades are drawn, but I can see that she wears a long robe when she turns on a little domed lamp with a pull chain on her bedside table, and she picks up her pillow with both hands and, as far as I can see, every night she pats the pillow twice on the sides and three times at the top and bottom—you can come with me some time if you want to; it’s fascinating to watch people repeat the same actions every day of their lives—and it looks like she puts on reading glasses, and, then, I watch her silhouette as she reads.

She’s slow. But sometimes I watch for a while. Sometimes … well, I’ve learned to wait. There’s always something to see if you wait long enough. There’s always something to think about, anyway, while you’re waiting. When you wait, does mind go to the past or to the future? I just ask because … I mean, I wanna say that Ms. Marquetta … it’s not like I watch every night, so I’m not sure, but another thing … she seems to cry a lot. A lot, yeah. I don’t know exactly what that’s about but, yeah, she’s got issues, I guess. I mean, we all have issues, I know that. I mean, we do, right? Do you? Do you? We don’t have to … I shouldn’t have even been saying this about Ms. Marquetta, but that’s all: she cries, no big deal. It seems like she cries a lot to me, but what do I know? Well, I’ve got my theories, sure, you would too if you watched this village like I do.


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