our village (13)

It looks like you’re reading.

What are you reading?

I’ll tell you a story if you want a story.  You want a love story or a horror story?  I’ll give you both, in one story.  It’s not too much of either, though, in case the horror makes you squeamish or the traditional ol’ love story is too sappy for you, no, this is right in the middle, right in the sweet spot, and you get to decide whether it’s a love story or a horror story.  Reader’s choice.  Here it is:

She was seventeen.  Her sister was twelve; goin’ on twenty-one, though.  They didn’t exactly get along, not yet, not at this point in the story.  You with me?  The older sister’s kind of bookish, real shy, doesn’t talk much, doesn’t break the rules, a good kid.  Her sister — the younger one — is a little more wild, no, a lot more wild.  It’s like the five-years younger sister is five years older.  Ages seventeen and twelve.  And the twelve-year old is already drinking, she’s tried cigarettes a few times, and she’s just a kid.  The seventeen-year old is much more responsible but, somehow, much more childish, like she’d never dare disobey, yeah, she’s just too obedient.  It’s not that she doesn’t have wild desires — she’s seventeen — she has her crush, for example, and, truth be told, her fantasies about her crush, but of course she never talks to him or anything.  And yet this guy is the linchpin of the story, cuz whereas the older sister has her secret crush, the younger sister is caught sucking face with her crush at the playground; not just any crush — the same boy her sister is in love with!

The younger, face-sucking sister gets in trouble, but she’s sort of a bad-ass, right?  And she gets a name for herself.  And the guys think she’s hot in her little rebellious attitude.  But here’s the thing: she sees that her older sister actually has a tender crush on that guy, so the younger sister convinces the dude that he should ask the older sister on a date.  It’s weird now that I say it out loud, but it seemed sweet at the time.  So, the dude asks the older shy girl on a date, and they actually have an awesome time and go on a few awesome dates, until … the sister sees the dude sucking face with her sister, again, this time at their own house!  And the older sister, this shy bookish girl, gets in a rage and yells at her own sister — not at the boy, of course, but at her own little sister — “I hope you die.”

That’s right.  The younger sister dies that very night.

I know.

And the older sister — please excuse me — can’t forgive herself.

Years later, she names her daughter after her dead sister.

What is it in the end?  A love story?  Or a horror story?



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