our village (4)

I’ve talked to Jerry Randy about his nighttime strolls through the village.  This is one thing he told me:

I’m not a religious guy, not much into superstitions either, and I don’t go for any conspiracy theories. Look, all I’m saying is, well, you know me and school didn’t fit so well together, so it’s not like I’m saying something complicated that nobody can understand, I’m just saying that I only believe things that I can directly see or feel — cuz if you can’t trust yourself then what can you trust? — so I’m not telling this to spread rumors or get famous or get anyone in trouble or scare anyone or make anyone — like Lilly-Anne, for example, that little girl’s a dreamer — make anyone like Lilly-Anne or anyone else think something magical is going on, no, I’m just saying that I’ve seen it for myself — you can see it! — that this village has a soul. I’m telling you, you’d see it if you just looked, it’s just that no one looks anymore.


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