our village (2)

You’re at home reading. You’ve had your dinner and washed your dishes, and you didn’t think about what the neighbors might think when you poured yourself a nightcap — or rather, you didn’t admit until now that you had briefly thought about what the neighbors might think but you quickly dismissed it with the reasoning, “it’s none of their damned business.” And it’s not, but they’ll know all the same, some of them anyway, Jerry Randy for one, who just walked by. Did you see him? Did you sense him, perhaps? We villagers begin to have a sense for one another after living in this aquarium together for so many years. So go on, keep reading. And drink a nightcap if you so choose. I can’t speak on behalf of the other villagers — although I do — but I, for one, don’t care what you do. We’ve gotten on well enough so far, you and I, without me second-guessing your every move. With that said, and given that we have some level of camaraderie, may I ask your opinion? What do you think about Sara Levine “hiring” that young Roger for “housework”? No, on second thought let’s not talk about that. It’s none of our business, right? Nor do I care what Mr. Bellis is reading; he’s a grown-ass man and he can make his own decisions. No, what I want to talk about … is you.


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