My apologies to those who might be offended by me calling my president a fool, but if you, like me, have been a fan of any of the ideas of then-candidate now-President Donald J. Trump then please hear me out.  This post is not about Trump’s ideas, whether conservative or populist or anti-establishment or …. This post is about Donald J. Trump the man, and calling him out as the fool that he is, not to be admired nor trusted nor accepted, regardless of which one or two or twelve or two hundred of his ideas you’re a fan of.

The reason for (and the importance of) this name-calling is that a fool can be a dangerous man when taken seriously, so we should call out and ridicule his foolishness to remind us to not take him seriously when he dangerously suggests that he will only accept an election result if it goes his way, or when he praises and encourages informational leaks that go his way but demonizes the leaks that don’t go his way, or when he is in such a position of power that he thinks he can brag about grabbing women by the pussy, threaten the world with actual nuclear weapons, or declare war on the independent media on which this country depends, without having the consequence that we cease to take him seriously and cease to give him power.  The man is acting the fool, and I will not endow his foolishness any of my power by granting him a serious audience.

Potentially dangerous, most of the time a fool is just a fool, like when he talks about a terrorist attack in Sweden that didn’t happen, or when he repeatedly falsely brags about the size of his electoral victory and the level of his popularity. A fool is a fool. And if he is masquerading as an emperor then we should call him out as the naked fool that he is.

Again, this is a separate issue from the man’s ideas. “Drain the swamp”? I happen to agree. But claiming to drain the swamp while filling his cabinet with wealthy self-serving inexperienced-but-loyal crocodiles? That’s foolish, and the man who does it is a fool.

A fool is a man who picks a fight with everyone he can — our allies, our neighbors, our scientists, his fellow politicians with whom he has been elected to govern, has-been actors, beauty-contest winners, reality-show hosts, the media, the justice system, the national intelligence community on which we all depend, a department store …. This guy is a fool. Perhaps we can appreciate someone who offers something new and different in politics, someone who claims to tell it like it really is. But when we see repeatedly that this guy is telling us bullshit, it means that he is not telling it like it is. Is he so foolish to think that he’ll fool us? Please don’t tell me that we’re foolish enough to let him fool us.

When he promises on camera, on the campaign trail, to ban Muslims from entering the U.S., and then when he’s told that he can’t do that because our constitutionally-protected freedom of religion and freedom from discrimination prevent it, and he says, again on camera, that that’s fine because he’ll just make something up about Muslims’ country of origin rather than their religion in order to ban them, he can’t then claim that the ban is not religious in nature. He has just told us that it is! That’s foolish.

The man is not irredeemable. (Nor is our country.) He’s just a fool. Let’s call out his foolishness until he ceases to be a fool, because in the meantime a fool in power can do things that are not only foolish but also dangerous.


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